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24 Hour Car Unlock, Inc.

Automotive Locksmith

Car Unlock Daytime Flat Rate: $49.95

Car Unlock Evening Flat Rate: $59.95

Car Unlock Late Night Flat Rate: $79.95

Residential Locksmith

Lockpick Daytime Flat Rate: $69.95

Lockpick Evening Flat Rate: $79.95

Lockpick Late Night Flat Rate: $99.95

Locksmith Guide

State License

When hiring a locksmith service, look or ask for their state license number.

Accurate Price Quote

A legitimate locksmith will always know exactly what it takes to unlock your car by the make, model and year and by how far he has to travel to get to where you are. They will also know exactly what it takes to unlock your residential lock. You should have an exact and total price upfront before they arrive to your location.

Honest Business

Many dishonest locksmiths will say they can't tell you the price until they come out to see your car or your home. This is a major scam.

Secure Payment

Scammers usually ask for debit cards. Why you may ask only debit? Because debit can not be easily disputed, credit card charges can be disputed.

Honest Service

Setting a new trend with flat rates on all services.

Flat rates, no suprise fees.: our rates are as listed, that is why we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating!

We always encourage our customers to shop around. For your saftey it is important to use a reputable business expecially for car lockout servies. Below is a YouTube video by Atlanta locksmith Kevin Wilson who reveals yet another locksmith scam and myth about getting locked out of your car. When you lock yourself out of your vehicle ALWAYS make sure that you get a total price.
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24 Hour Car Unlock, Inc.

Always maintains direct, straight forward prices on the phone or on our website.

Licensed Locksmith - 2126.

Offers secure payment processing through Wells Fargo ™ merchant services.

Experienced automotive locksmith services and residential lockpick services.

Other Locksmith Services

Other locksmith services available upon request

  • All automotive lockout services
  • Residential lockpicks lockouts
  • We do not make keys